What a weekend of sanghoki!


Firstly the North American College sanghoki Championships Grand Final went off, with one lucky player winning their tuition for the year! Andrew McLaurin, known here as ‘abmclaur’ took down first place when he limped his way to top pair. Runner up Jeanine Carmack, LadyBlue32, checked to the flop from the big blind with 5-4 and when the flop came down 3-J-2 she had an open ended straight draw. Short stacked at this point she pushed the rest of her chips in only to run into abmclaur’s J-5 giving him top pair. Two blank cards sealed the deal and Andrew McLaurin was crowned the North American College Poker Champion.

$20,000 Guaranteed

Down to 4 players in this weeks $20,000 guaranteed 3 players had a decent shot at that $5,400 for first place, that all changed with one hand when 3 of the four players got dealt pocket pairs. Sfskeet raised with pocked kings only to be re-raised by YourDilemma who decided to make a stand with his pocket 10’s. Jaws66 threw his hat in the ring with pocket 6’s and followed him all-in, and sfskeet made the big call with his kings. The other player still alive at that point who had folded out of the hand said it best when the cards were flipped up, “oh snap”. Just to slam the door shut and rub it in his domination further sfskeet flopped a third king and took a comanding lead to heads up.

Blinds went back and forth with no large amounts of chips going anywhere, until everyone got aces. DADuhWEEwah was dealt A-Q in the small blind and pushed all-in pre-flop and was quickly called by sfskeet holding A-9. A-Q may have looked like a dominating hand when the cards were flipped up, but the flop quickly turned the tables. Two 9’s on the flop handed A-9 into trips and all that was left for the tourney was a “gg sir” from DADuhWEEwah. I guess when second place is worth $3,600 its not too hard to be nice at the end of the tournament.

WTP Satellite

The third big tourney for the weekend was our March WPT Satellite. BobGoodlatte took that down when his pocket rockets came over the top of A-9. He now gets to jet off to the WPT event of his choice and take a seat in the Main Event! Keep an eye on our tournaments for more live tournament satellites with seats to WPT, WSOP and Aussie Millions up for grabs!

Chocolate Rabbit Hunt Wrapup

To celebrate the recent holidays we held a very special promotion. To keep the fun going over a couple of days we ran the Chocolate Rabbit Hunt Sit & Go Jackpot. Players who played in the Chocolate Rabbit Hunt room during the promotion were awarded points which made them eligible for four jackpots, with a daily jackpot being paid to the daily winner as well as an overall winner for the player who accumulated the most points over the entire promotion. At massive 1494 players played in 1438 Sit and Go’s during the promotion.

Day 1 saw an early leader with Megasss playing 255 tourney’s, winning 48 for a very solid 18.8% win ratio. He was chased by Ninjaswede who played 225 winning 43 for a slightly better 19.1% win ratio, only Megasss’s perserverance held him out from Day 1 glory. Third placed on day one was FrederickHendrick, he played 225 tourneys winning 40 for a 17.8% win ratio.

Day 2 saw Megasss look to extend his lead, and the competition fell by the way side despite this time having a dominating win ratio. Megasss again led the way with pure stamina playing 200 tourneys, winning 27 for a dwindling 13.5% win ratio. Again trailing in 2nd was Ninjaswede picked up his win ratio to a fantastic 21.4%. Unfortunately for him he just couldn’t keep pace with the number of tourneys played, playing only 98 but winning 21 of those. Third for day 2 was blunt6942, he played 78 tourneys, winning 12 for a 15.3% win ratio.

Day 3 saw new faces in the minor places, but once again out in front was Megasss. The numbers were down on previous days, but with the overall title in hand it seems like he was just out to show his absolute dominance and win all three days. His da 3 stats were 89 played, 15 won for a win ratio of 16.8%. Second place on the final day was GuppyGirl with 52 played, winning 12 for a win ratio of 23.0%, followed very closely by BINSBUDDIES in third with 49 played, winning 8 for a win ratio of 16.3%.

So a huge congratulations goes out to Megasss for winning all 3 jackpots, and for all those who filled the minor places, including the top 5 players by win percentage, we have some special coupons and prizes on their way out to you.