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The Seven Deadly Sins of Online Pengeluaran Sgp Casino Gambling

  1. If it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

Golden Palace offers you a 20% bonus every weekend. You say to yourself “Surely this is too good to be true – if I play blackjack by the book I should have near a 50/50 ratio – so no matter what I should make money.”


Well, you might – if you don’t get locked out sooner rather than later, and lose all your winnings. If you should LOSE, however, you will not get locked out until you next try to cash out – regardless of how much you lost.


Frankly, it ain’t worth the risk. There are plenty of good casinos out there. If you really like Microgaming casinos, there are at least 40-50 reliable and honest casinos out there running this software.


You’ll thank yourself for it later.


  1. Do NOT open multiple accounts.


It is unbelievable how many people try to open an account, get a free bonus, play it, and if they lose they try to open another account. If for some reason you have lost your account number or password, simply email the casino and they should be willing to help you obtain that information again – but most of them will ask you some questions first.


People don’t think they will get caught, even if they use different credit cards, addresses, names etc. – but more often than not they are caught out and banned, not only from that casino, but others as well.


If you have more than one person in the household who wishes to play, make sure you email the casino FIRST and tell them that you wish to open one for your spouse or grown-up children – they usually will have no problem with that. But keep a copy of the email to prove this fact if for some reason you get locked out anyhow.


Of course, there is a group of casinos (Golden Palace, who else?) that does NOT advertise the fact that they own 40-50 different fronts for their casino – and if you should open accounts at even TWO of them you could get locked out of all of them. Look for e-cash processing by Ecash-world or GoCash – those are sure signs of a Golden Palace casino.


There are other casinos out there that have the same owners or management, but they do not object to you opening an account at their various casinos. Only Golden Palace does that kind of bull$#!T.


Be fair to the casinos – give them incentive to be fair to you. Otherwise bonuses will just simply dry up.


  1. Do NOT play with money you need within the next few weeks.


A well-known trait of gamblers is to go risk the little Pengeluaran Sgp money they have in order to make enough for their needs, or to pay some upcoming bill – whatever. This might work at a land-based casino, where you collect your winnings instantly in cash. But it will NOT work at any online casino, because there is inevitably a minimum amount of time it takes to process the winnings.


I have seen some casinos that claim they will Fedex your winnings within 4 days, others who will do electronic transfers in 2-3 days – but even in these cases it usually takes a week or more before you will have cash. Most of them actually take 2-3 weeks, especially with checks. Golden Palace (sigh) has been known to take up to two MONTHS.


  1. Do NOT deposit money before checking to see how they pay out winnings.


Some gamblers have become spoiled. They never check to see how they’re going to get their money.


“Oooh! A new casino! Let me try a hundred or so…”


When they discover that some casinos require the money be left with them for up to TWO weeks before cashing out, or that there is a minimum cash-out, or that the cash-out fees are too high… they give up and either try to hit a jackpot or lose what they deposited.


Some casinos also process winnings only once a week. In my opinion, that’s a nice little tactic to give gamblers incentive to keep gambling until cash-out day comes or they lose what they deposited.


Wouldn’t that money be better spent at a casino you already know and trust?


  1. Don’t blindly enter a casino without having done your research.


This is a standard business principle – you wouldn’t go and buy a car just because it looked good and you saw it at Honest Joe’s. You would go and ask people about Honest Joe, or perhaps check the local papers, the price of the car against the Kelly Blue Book, etc.


The same goes for casinos, sportsbooks, whatever. Do your research. Gambling Grumbles is a good place to start. Other places include WinnerOnline’s message forums, and of course here at


Honest Joe guarantees you won’t be disappointed!


  1. If it’s no download, avoid it.


I know I’m going to take a beating from a lot of no-download casino owners here, but frankly I don’t care. HTML browser casinos are absolute no-nos, and no-download Java games are on the whole not very good. Mind you, I’ve seen a few which look pretty good, but the potential incompatibilities with various browsers, ease with which a casino owner can swap a module in and out without telling you, and the sense of “Damn, JUST missed that jackpot” which happens at some of these casinos make them almost as big a risk as playing at Golden Palace (there’s that name again).


I don’t care how many Java people tell me their platform and software is stable. Because there are so many browsers and platforms in the market, there will ALWAYS be some incompatibility.


If you’re going to gamble money, at least take the time to download a decent piece of software. In my opinion, gambling at no-download casinos is like throwing a whole bunch of one-dollar bills on the table because you couldn’t spend a few minutes at the cashier to get larger, nicer bills (which feel a lot better in your pocket anyhow).


  1. DON’T LOSE! Walk away a winner!


Well, ok. I know that sometimes this can’t be helped. What you should do, however, is set yourself a reasonable goal – perhaps to double your session limit (the amount you set aside for this sitting), or say $100, whatever. Whenever you make that amount, STOP. Doesn’t mean you need to cash out, but stop for the time being, go take a walk, have dinner, watch TV, whatever.


If you’ve reached your cash-out level, play whatever loose change is there, then CASH-OUT. Take the money and RUN. Be secure in the knowledge that you will leave a winner, and you can’t lose it back (for a few weeks, anyhow). Then go treat your loved ones to a nice meal.