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Four Milton, Ontario couples have 14.5 million reasons to splurge.


The group bought one of the two Super-7 lottery tickets that won the wopping $25 million prize, leaving each couple with more than $3.5 million.


Bernetta Thistle screamed when she saw the numbers start rolling.


“The numbers just kept coming up, so I stopped checking,” she said. “I still haven’t.”


All the numbers did come up. Since then, the four couples haven’t come down. Thistle was the bearer of the good news to the rest of the group.


“I just couldn’t sleep,” said fellow winner Michael Banks. “I was talking to my mom in England for three hours this morning. Its overwhelming.”


“We had our limo booked last night to come here this morning,” Banks said.


While one of couples say they are going to “share the wealth.” Thistle has his eyes on a big addition to his driveway.


“Yep, I’m the Hummer guy, he said of the $100,000 dream car that soon will be a reality. “I e-mailed them last night. they haven’t gotten back to me. I am expecting a lot of calls. I want it by Friday. we’ll see what happens.”


The group has played the Super-7 lottery together for years and has no plans to stop.


“Darn right, we’re gonna buy Super-7 when we leave here.”


The holder of the other winning ticket has not come forward to claim the other half of the jackpot.




LANSING — The mystery man who won $47 million in the Mega Millions July 23 is a mystery no more.


Larry Campbell, 63, of Pullman, has claimed his winnings. He took a one-time, lump-sum payment of $19,128,233, rather than have the $47 million paid out over 20 years, Michigan Lottery officials said. Campbell claimed his prize on Friday. Lottery officials said Campbell and his wife plan to buy a new house with their winnings and “do some serious relaxing.” Campbell is retired from the Dr. Pepper-7-up Bottling Division in Holland.


The winning ticket was sold at Al’s Total Services, on 109th Avenue in Pullman, on the evening of the drawing. The winning numbers were 5, 12, 25, 35, 37 and 12.


Campbell chooses his own numbers when playing the Togel Online lottery, and the winning Gold Mega Ball number, 12, is the date of his daughter’s birthday.


When he was interviewed in late July, the owner of the gas station/convenience store, Al Baugus, said he knew the identity of the winner but out of respect for the man wouldn’t divulge it. “He’s a nice guy. He deserves it,” Baugus told a reporter.


Baugus said then that talk of the huge prize had excited the area.


Mega Millions is a multistate lottery game in 10 states.