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Situs Qiu Qiu Manchester – Milan Home 3:2 win

Great result against Roma in Cl faded out and after poor 1-1 against Middlesbrough at Saturday Red Devils fans are expecting Milan to see could their team repeat fantastic form like against Roma. Now match importance is much bigger then against Roma. There is just one step till final in Athena. Red Devils have played maybe the best football in Europe lately. They are Situs Qiu Qiu contenders in whole three competitions, but Champions League is the most important. They hope that they could repeat success from 1999 when they ousted Milan and took the trophy. In mean time Milan make revenge and beat Devils 1:0 in both matches in season 2004/2005.


Now is the right moment for avenge, but Red Devils supporters are few things to worry about. At first they are without whole backward line. Vidic, Ferdinand and Neville are surely out. Defenses were the best part of the teams whose won competition. Without great defense you couldn’t count on trophy. Could Flatcher, OShea and Evra replace first team stars? It is hard to answer, but for sure they will have hard work to do. Another thing is bad result against Boro last weekend. After few bad results Manchester missed opportunity to already take Premiership title. Maybe this match against Milan occupies their mind and they didn’t show their best….


On the other hand Manchester has Cristiano Ronaldo. He is maybe the best player in the World in the moment. Same opinion has Milans experienced defender, Maldini. Great thing for Devils is his best form. He played his best season and he could be the key for United success. With experienced Giggs and Scoles with Rooney and Smith in front United’s attack could concede goals against any team.


On the other hand Milan also has some hopes. At first when we talk about Ronaldo we must also think about Kaka. Young Brazilian has great talent and if he show his best Milan could achieve aim – to score. Also you mustn’t forget Inzaghi, who can use even small opportunity and Seedorf who made advantage in Munich and with two great moments decided the winner. Main Ancelotti worries are about own goal and he will try to keep clean sheet. Maldini and Nesta are main defenders with Gatuso and Ambrosini infront and flanked Jankulovski and Oddo.


Manchester has a faster player and with their fast style of playing they could use their advantages. On the other hand Milan will try to slow down, and with Pirlo and Seedorf they will try to keep ball as soon as possible. They will try to score after break and that could be their main weapon.


All in all I expect that both sides could score. In this moment Manchester is better side but without lot of players Milan has chances too. Maybe 2-1 or 3-1 for Manchester is the most likely option and I will go for United.