Should the U.S. Outlaw Web IDN Slot Gambling?


Last week the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act. The bill, which was sponsored by Congressman Jim Leach of Iowa, still must be approved by the Senate and signed by the President before becoming law.


Should the U.S. outlaw Web gambling? Our readers debate the issue.



What a bunch of idiots people are who keep on claiming that on-line gambling is a “good thing”. Sue Schneider of the IGC chose to pick on the one statement that she thinks she can stand up against (until, that is, Congress would supply the facts that would go way over her head). Terrorist laundering is a problem. But it’s not the biggest problem. First off, only fools would wager money on-line. Regulation is non-existent, games and their related software can never, ever be verified as totally fair, video poker can never be proven to be random, and so on. Gamblers can no more trust what they see on those foreigner-run (and mostly by 3rd world countries at that, who have open season for on-line casinos). To go a step further, there is no way to stop underage players from losing everything they have and whatever they can steal. And adults? They already have enough problems with pathological gambling in land-based casinos. All your people would do is worsen a bad situation for millions of Americans. Those slug countries already mess up our people with their drugs. I’m glad to see our Government working to get this new filth of the foreigners out of American homes. – Rob S.



I have gambled on the Internet since 1999. I have won some money, and I have lost some money. Both ways I have enjoyed countless hours of entertainment. All in all, I’ve probably won more on the Internet than in Vegas because of all the great bonus offers and so forth. It is my free choice to gamble online. I’m not hurting anybody and it’s my IDN Slot money I’m spending. I don’t need the government to protect me from myself. Surely the Governement has better things to do (i.e. fighting terrorism and fixing the economy) instead of wasting their time trying to take away my card game. Leach always likes to point out how evil Internet gambling is and how he wants to outlaw it to protect children. Well, I have teenage children and believe me the last thing they want to do on the Internet is play blackjack or slots. Kids today are interested in downloading music, chatting and playing games like Tomb Raider, not craps. Besides, my teenagers don’t have credit cards to play anyway. What a non-issue. – Mary Mc.


Wireless Casino Games: Good to Go!

One of these days you’ll have wireless access to your online casino account via your PDA, enabling you to place your bets while waiting to board that delayed flight to Las Vegas; one day real soon, in fact. In the meantime, you can still get in a few rounds of poker – wireless style.


The concept of a wireless world isn’t exactly new, but the technology behind this particular framework may be unlike anything you’ve seen. Developed by Canadian-based Phantom Fiber Inc., Smart Streaming™ technology promises to take online games to a whole new level of wireless functionality. “The technology is so robust,” says Jeff Halloran, President and CEO of Phantom Fiber, “And it performs so quickly. The graphics are vivid and the speed is horrendously fast.” Crystal clear presentation screens help to keep it real, but add to that the promise of seamless play and security – plus the option of picking your own “skin” (or table surface) – and you’ll want to rush out and get a Palm, iPAQ or Smartphone to see for yourself.


With the capacity to perform at Internet-type speed, Phantom Fiber’s technology allows up to 10 players to play an interactive game of poker, for example. So, nine of your friends could be at home playing online from their PC while you’re on a commuter train using a Smartphone to ante up. Rapid transmission, account updates and live chat are said to make this a true user experience. But whether your game of choice is poker, blackjack or slots, you can play without any time delays. “We basically extend your reach,” says Jeff Halloran. “Wherever you go, you’ll have access.”


So, how do you get it to go? Ideally, once the online casino of your choice has Phantom Fiber up and running, it’s a simple download to your PDA of choice. Then with wireless access from your local carrier you can play anywhere you get tone.


Phantom Fiber is currently working with AOL to provide downloadable play-for-fun and multiplayer online games from the AOL site, and they have also been approached by numerous casinos looking to offer this wireless option to their client base within the next 60 days. “Due to its speed and Smart Streaming™ technology, it has attracted attention from the gaming space,” Jeff says. As early as next month Phantom Fiber will be a driving force behind (a sports gambling information site) in delivering time-sensitive content to its wireless community.