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What is the main reason players will not flock to you ask? Dutch Boyd. Sorry, buddy, but I could not find a soul that trusts you. It would be you and your mother (mothers always trust their sons) playing heads-up every night. Most people pointed out Boyd’s previous site as their reason. It seems no one can get over that, and would rather pay $100 per month in rakes at than risk losing their money at A few people also pointed out the continuing signs of flakiness by Dutch, such as the fact that he is now selling the chance to partially stake him in the World Series of Poker on eBay. Users may bid on the chance to partially stake Dutch Boyd in the circuit even in San Diego on February 27th. The bidders will win 1% of his winnings, as well as a chance to chat with him to help improve your game. This did not sit well with some online players taking a look at


The conclusion? A rake free online casino would be awesome, but it will have to be backed by someone else. Someone not named Dutch Boyd. In fact, someone suggested maybe one of the big names such as,,, etc., jump the gun and adopt a similar policy to attract players from the other sites. Now THAT would be interesting.


In the mean time, good luck and good odds!


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PN: Is there anything that you would have liked to have done in your life that you haven’t achieved yet?


BG: I always have big dreams and ambitions. I wanted to become a research MD and work on curing diseases. I had planned on going to medical school after I got my PhD in mathematics, but I never had the time. I never even had the time to defend my PhD thesis. I am the only person I know who passed all of the exams and wrote a PhD dissertation, but didn’t do the final edits and defend his thesis. I had family and money constraints and the software company (Symantec) I was involved in could not afford for me to take a couple of months off. visitez le site


PN: What are your basic tenets of life?


BG: I have a nice closing chapter in my book about this. I don’t want to give it away. I try to be nice to people and do the right thing when the choice is clear.


PN: Thank you very much for your time, Barry.


BG: Thank you.


I would like to thank Barry for his time and encourage you to catch up with all his activities at Additionally, you can learn more about one of his favorite charities, Children, Inc., by going to