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Online Casino Singapore Lottery – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips



Lottery Basics



Are you good with numbers? Do they bring any luck to you? Then yes definitely you are meant for lottery. Lottery is a game or a process where u buy a numbered tickets which according to you might make you billionaire or win you something worth. If the numbered ticket that you have bought is matched and exact the same number of the lucky draw, you are the king of this game. The world has its different versions of lottery. Different countries have their own methods and rules to play it. But one should know the basic rule of playing this game.


How to play


The foremost rule is you should be eligible to become a player for this game; the minimum age limit varies from 16 to 21. After crossing the eligibility criteria, the player buys a numbered ticket which has 1 to 49 numbers printed on it. Instructions for the players are carried out on the computer screens. The player will mark the number of his choice and give it back to their retailer after marking them. A printed slip will be given to the player on which his selection will be mentioned. The most important step here is player must remember the selection of numbers done by him. Many a times it happens that lottery prizes go unclaimed because the players forget about their selections and sometimes even forget that, they have bought a lottery ticket. After the lucky draw is announced, if the numbers of lucky draw match with the selection of the player, he is the winner. The winning prize starts after the three number’s match. Three, four, five matches win small to substantial offers and more than five numbers match, greater rewards are given to the players.


Types of Lottery


Different states of USA have different Online Casino Singapore patterns of lottery games. Different lotteries have different ceiling and winning amounts. Every version of lottery has some kind of advantage


Favorite numbered lotteries


In these kinds of lotteries the players are given choice to choose their favorite numbers by paying in advance. This how they allure the people to pay for their favorite numbers by giving liberty to choose their favorite numbers specially and the numbers that work for them.



High End Lotteries



These kinds of lotteries have high paid rewards and bigger prizes. They are being played interstate and definitely have better prospect of winning than the local games. For example Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto etc. are some high end lottery games that have won the popularity among the players as they provide very high reward. People find them more alluring and this increases the winning possibilities for them.


Strategies to become the master in this game


Invest your time and game. This game needs a lot of patience and calmness. Don’t get dishearten if you haven’t got the instant success, it might be a fluke.


Always do some study, analyzing the game and research about the game; it always helps to win this game.


Lottery is a game of luck but your positive attitude also makes it possible to win this game.


Discipline is required in this game.  Make your budget for every month and keep some amount for buying the tickets of lottery. Generally 10% of the income is advisable to be kept as money to invest in lottery.


Once this 10% is kept aside, never spent more than the amount which is being allotted.


Do not allure yourself more than your requirement or you can afford.


If sources are limited, play once in a few months.