Networking for introverts

Handshake You don’t have to be an extrovert to be an effective networker, argues interpersonal communications guru Ivan Misner in a recent Entrepreneur magazine article.

Misner says introverts often discount their networking abilities as they feel they aren’t good a starting a conversation. To tackle this perception, several tips for shyer professionals are offered.

These networking suggestions include offering to be a host at a function, a role that makes it easy and more natural for introverted people to break the ice. Being involved in volunteer work is another way to practice meeting new people.

Training can also help: “Networking is a skill that can be learned – no matter your level of gregariousness. If you remain ill-at-ease in environments where you have to mix and mingle or meet new people, take advantage of training seminars and workshops.”

Email fun drains productivity

Email funny Writing gossipy emails, reading humorous messages and playing online games at work can significantly drain productivity, new research out of Northern Ireland has found.

An international study conducted by Queen’s University in Belfast claims that 34 per cent of workers from the UK, US, Australia, Holland and Singapore waste company time gossiping via email.

In other findings, a third of men and around a fifth of women download music at work; approximately 14 per cent of both sexes play computer games whilst at work.

The study claims American workers are most likely to download pornography from the Internet, while Australians are most likely to avoid the practice. Are you willing to buy calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.

A new reality for television advertising

Onair With more and more customers finding ways to avoid television commercials, Gillette has taken the innovative step of creating a reality TV show to promote its brand.

The program will feature celebrities being taught how to drive racing cars by Gillette sponsored (and heavily branded) NASCAR drivers, Business Week reports.

Marketing academics suggest such programming may be the way of the future provided product placement is not too overt as this may turn some consumers off.

Email delivery: guaranteed

Email green light Having trouble getting emails through to your customers?

Help may be at hand with several new US services promising businesses guaranteed email delivery to their customers’ inboxes, Time magazine reports.

Guaranteed email services have evolved to help companies avoid increasingly aggressive spam filters when sending e-marketing materials to their customers. Early adopters of such services include banks and e-commerce sites.

One of these service providers, Good mail Systems, says it works only with companies that have been around for more than a year and will disqualify businesses accused of spamming.

Don’t give in to ageist employers

Young and old meet Think you’re too old to get another job? Or too young for that promotion?

The best way to tackle a possible employer’s prejudices about age is to highlight your skills rather than your years, a recent The Wall Street Journal story argues.

The article offers these tricks: “Steps could include excising your graduation date from your resume, dressing differently, or taking care not to make references to world events that betray your age”.

For older workers another tip might be to keep fit and perhaps mention your exercise routine in an interview. Younger workers might want to avoid certain small talk topics, like hip clubs.