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How to Play Keno at



Keno is one of the easiest games to understand.  The game board is made up of 80 numbers. To start, first select yer preferred wager amount and how many games you’d like to play. (In the Grand Online example below, the bet was $5.) Now simply choose a set amount of numbers (typically a minimum of 2 and up to 10, 15 or 20) and hope that your numbers are ‘drawn.’ or ‘Hit.’  In the example below, the numbers selected by the player are highlighted in white. The computer then generates 20 numbers (indicated below by dots.) The yellow dots indicate “Hits.” The payout schedule depends on how many numbers ye select. In this example, the player played the max amount of numbers allowed (10) and scored 5 hits, and therefore won 5 x their bet ($25). Keno has admittedly the worst odds of any casino game, but it’s fun nonetheless.


How to Play Red Dog


Red Dog is one of the most simple and fun games ye’ll find in the casino. The game uses three cards. To begin, ye place an initial bet and are then dealt two cards face-up. Yer objective is to bet that the next card turned up will be between the first two cards. Before the third card is dealt, ye have the option to raise the bet or continue with the current bet (call). Yer a winner if the third card falls numerically between the first two cards. Winning hands and the payout is determined by the spread between the first two cards – how far apart the first two cards rank. See the table below…


How to Play Roulette


Roulette is an interesting game in which the players are basically spectators who only place bets while the dealer or croupier does all of the “work”. Yer objective is to correctly guess and pick the winning number of the slot that the ball will land on in the Roulette wheel. Ye also have the option of wagering on combinations of numbers or guessing the color of the slot or whether betting on if the number will be odd or even. visitez le site


The Roulette table has two different areas to wager or bet.  The inside betting area contains twelve rows of three numbers each which form three vertical columns and the individual numbers fer a player to bet on.  The outside betting area contains groupings of numbers, boxes fer the columns, areas fer color betting on either Red or Black and the odd number or even number bets.  The Zero (0) and Double Zero (00) are located at the top of the columns. Sound confusing? Not to worry – here is a graphic of what the betting table looks like as well as the terminology and payout odds:


I Even-Money  An 18 number bet. Chip I is on Black. (May also select Red, 1-18, Even, Odd, or 19-36. 1 to 1

There are two versions of roulette…


European Roulette: The European wheel consists of 37 slots that are numbered 0-36. The house advantage is 2.63%.


American Roulette: The American wheel has 38 numbers rather than 37.  A double zero slot (00) is added.  This may not seem like a very large difference, but the addition of the double 0 slot pushes the house advantage to 5.26%!