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Cannabis under attack; Hempire stikes back!


Perhaps we should call out a Code Green Alert. The chance of government terrorism against our community is high.


This is a critical period for the movement to change marijuana laws. Great judicial victories and a growing momentum have galvanized our commitment to defend medical marijuana, industrial hemp production, and the rights of responsible adult marijuana users.


However, there has never been a time when it was more crucial that we ramp up our efforts. There is an ominous black cloud descending on the freedoms and liberties of All Americans, and the cannabis community is in its cross-hairs. This is different from anything that we have seen before.


We have all recently witnessed unprecedented moves by the Federal Government to further criminalize the sick and dying (the stories are too numerous to mention here), and it doesn’t stop there. They have targeted care givers and providers who assist those in need of medical marijuana, even though many of the patients are terminally ill.


The United States has become the world’s leading jailer, with over two million Americans in jails and prisons. One out of every 142 citizens is incarcerated, with a marijuana arrest occurring every 44 seconds. The Federal Government is even going after hemp foods, despite the fact that they possess virtually no intoxicating effects at all.


Add to this list of disturbing developments the passage of the Patriot Act, the recent passage of the Rave Act, and the recent federal prosecutions of glass art wholesalers and retailers. It becomes easy to see that this administration is intent on virtually crushing not only the cannabis community, but legitimate businesses and many of our sacred liberties under a slew of new draconian laws.


We Americans, US hemp team for regulation ,  won’t take this laying down. The movement for reform has been fighting back, and the campaign for just and sensible cannabis laws has been steamrolling ahead and winning many victories.


America has a rich heritage of courageous freedom fighters who have blazed the trail for reform of unjust policies. Together we have abolished slavery, won equal rights for women, defeated alcohol prohibition and won the right for all Americans to vote. Now we have the opportunity to defend our right to enjoy the myriad of positive uses that the Cannabis plant has offered the world for over 5,000 years.


Join us at Hempfest as we oppose this assault on the cannabis community! The individuals who make Hempfest happen come from every walk of life including executives, laborers, service industry professionals, teachers and elected officials. Activism is protected free speech under the U.S. Bill of Rights and Constitution. We have much more to fear from standing on the sidelines and letting this rampage against our freedoms continue than from getting involved and taking action.


The American experience has been forged by people who were not afraid to put their asses on the line for their beliefs, in the face of daunting adversity, in spite of the odds. Since 1991 Seattle Hempfest has been serving our community and speaking out against reefer madness. We will not rest until Americans can choose for themselves that which they will take into the sovereignty of their own bodies.


We know the truth behind the war against us. We see through the veil of lies and disinformation, the racism and cultural war that the right wing is waging against our peaceful culture. And we are fighting back, legally and responsibly, to make this country more free for those who threaten no one. In a democracy, the inherent rights of the people must be continually reclaimed and articulated in order to be assured.


This is what America is about, and it’s time we take our message of equal treatment for responsible adults to the halls of justice. But we can’t do it all without your involvement. Click here and find out what you can do next!